Yacht&Sailboat Design, Production, and Sales

Principal products include high quality sailboats and powerboats of different sizes. Red Dragon also offers premium marine-related products selected from outstanding manufacturers throughout China.

Professional yacht manufacturer

Since 2003 Red Dragon registered in Xiamen, Fujian Province, P.R.China. Our specialty is development and limited production of finely-crafted recreational boats and yachts. Tooling is done to exacting standards: fiberglass production under skilled management includes highest quality internationally-approved gelcoats, resins, and reinforcements. Joinery is extraordinary, as is stainless steel fabrication, and final assembly. Aluminum extrusions and stainless steel castings are done in state-of-the-art facilities with ISO 9001 certification. Red Dragon-Paramount’s client list includes companies in Holland, England, Australia, U.S., Sweden, Spain, and India. All boats are CE-certified and meet USCG requirements. We invite inquiries for custom-built boats and yachts. Our twenty+ years' manufacturing experience in Asia guarantees efficiency, high quality, competitive pricing, and easy communications in both English and Chinese.

What are the production characteristics of yachts?
1. Superb design. Yachts, such as fashion and crafts, especially luxury yachts, are a symbol of consumer identity and status, thus requiring high design requirements. Many yacht manufacturers hire world-renowned yacht designers to design or purchase designs from world-renowned designers to enhance their visibility and competitiveness. Italy has world-class yacht designers who are committed to luxury in style and form. One of the reasons for the rapid development of Taiwan's yacht industry is the generous hiring of world-renowned designers to design it.
What is the power source of sailboats?
Generally speaking, sailboats are believed to be propelled by the wind. In fact, the power of the wind acts on the sail in two forms, and the biggest source of power for sailboats is the so-called "Bernoulli effect".
Classification of Sailboats
It is a combination of sailboats and surfboards. Different wave boards can be designed according to different requirements for racing, curves, and styles. There are actions such as crossing waves, turning, jumping, somersaults, etc.
How to maintain a sailboat
As the backbone of a ship, the hull requires proper maintenance and upkeep. But the method of maintenance depends on the materials used to make the ship. When moving a ship ashore, be sure to focus on repairing even minor issues. First, use one or two layers of anti fouling paint to prevent underwater dirt. All parts of the rigging must be maintained in good condition to ensure the effectiveness and safety of navigation. A thorough inspection of the mast, fixed rigging, movable rigging, and sail is crucial to determine if there are cracks or areas of wear and tear in each part.